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Thomas Landscape Services is a licensed, bonded and insured landscape installation and maintenance company based in Renton, Washington, serving all of King County. Installation services include stone and brick patios and walls, stone landscape features, water features and planting. We also provide irrigation system repair, pruning, weeding and general yard cleanup. Thomas Landscape Services uses only Organic and All-Natural fertilizers and weed control products.

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Why Organic Fertilizer?


First, Organic fertilizers usually release their nutrients into the soil slowly, as beneficial organisms in the soil work on them. Chemical fertilizers often release their nutrients quickly, which leads to sudden plant growth. Plant stems and leaves that grow too fast tend to be more susceptible to diseases and insects. Plants may also over-absorb chemical fertilizers, which causes burning of roots and leaves. 
    Second, Organic fertilizers often contain beneficial microorganisms that help make nutrients available to plant, while the acid that many chemical fertilizers contain may actually kill the beneficial organisms already in the soil.
    Third, because chemical fertilizers tend to be acidic, and may contain other non-biodegradable elements, runoff from fertilized ground can pollute waterways, and be harmful to fish and other creatures in our environment. 
    Note – Many products that have been referred to as “Organic” are now called “All-Natural” because the exact origins of some ingredients are difficult or impossible to guarantee. We will use “All-Natural” products if no Certified Organic option is readily available for a specific application.

Don’t Let This Happen To You!


Landslides are becoming a common event in Western Washington. Here are some suggestions for erosion control. 
    First, choosing correct plants for slope control. Many plants have extensive root systems which can keep a hillside stable. It may be necessary to use a biodegradable erosion control mat or jute netting to help the soil stay in place until the plants are able to take over.
    Second, placing stones or erosion control blocks into a hillside – often in conjunction with plants – can prevent water channeling and greatly increase slope stability.
    Third, installation of retaining walls. This could be a single wall, or a set of terraces, depending on the safety issues and use of a particular site. Walls can be built of several different materials, including stone, wood, and concrete.
    Note – Installation of drain pipes leading to swales or storm sewers may be desired for any of these options, and drainage is ALWAYS necessary behind retaining walls.

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